A 3-Day Challenge with Dr. Marina Bruni

Unlocking Your Soul-Led

Business Blueprint

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Three Days of Aligning Your Business with Your Spiritual Essence


Are you an entrepreneur seeking alignment, flow, and spiritual harmony in your business?

 Join Dr. Marina Bruni, Business Lawyer, Mentor & Legal Strategist, in this transformative 3-day challenge designed for soul-led entrepreneurs like you.

Ready to tap into your energetic identity?


Day One

Explore your energetic qualities. Begin to discover the essence of who you truly are!


Day Two

Pragmatically bring your energetic qualities into your business to create more ease and flow.


Day Three

Identify and repair energetic leaks to protect your business and yourself from burnout and financial losses.

It’s time for you to come into your own. Don’t hold back. You are the energy that creates worlds.

~Abraham Hicks~

What to Expect During Our Three Days Together


You will receive a short video that will explain a key concept and provide you with your daily task at 6 am GMT each day of the challenge.

Don’t worry, your task won’t take long at all, and it will be well worth it!


Join our event Facebook group and meet likeminded business owners. Cheer each other on and help each other with your daily tasks.

Get feedback from your host Dr. Marina Bruni.


Engage in the Facebook group for a chance to win fabulous prizes. 

Our most engaged group member will receive a scholarship place in my paid coaching program.

Meet Dr. Marina

Your Three Day Event Host

Hi, I’m Dr. Marina Bruni, JD, International Business Lawyer, Advisor, Mentor,
Keynote Speaker, and… Master of the Akashic Records!

I’m a dual qualified lawyer with 25+ years’ experience
working in high finance, advising big international firms, multinational
corporations and tier one investment banks worldwide (Norton Rose, RBS, PGI/PFG, State Street, RBC, BNY Mellon just to name a few).

I had an early start to my career with the United Nations in New York City, when I was still in law school. That goes back to when I was in my early twenties.

Fast forward from then and I’ve:

  • Assisted multibillion-dollar companies and advised them on multiple figure deals
  • Led complex international projects, with multiple parties involved
  • Set up businesses and companies in multiple jurisdictions
  • Assisted investment companies and asset management companies with billions in AUM
  • Advised CEOs and board of directors

My secret weapon? I combine my legal expertise and real business experience with the metaphysics of the Akashic Records.

Business, law, and energetics is my language in an intertwined harmonic combination. My intuition and gifts have helped me navigate challenging situations and deepen my business and practice. And I’ve empowered many clients with them, too.Now I want to bring this magic to you, my heart-centered soul-led entrepreneurial family! I hope you’ll join me on this adventure to unlocking your soul-led business blueprint!


Dr. Marina Bruni, JD

PS. I’m featured as one of the Global Thought Leaders in the movie and book How Thoughts Become Things, sequel to the hit movie The Secret, alongside Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. John Demartini and other big names from The Secret’s original cast.

A 3-Day Challenge with Dr. Marina Bruni

Unlocking Your Soul-Led

Business Blueprint

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