If your business isn't profitable, it's a liability banner

Most business owners, and aspiring business owners, avoid setting their legal structures & foundations because they believe:

It’s just contracts, agreements and nothing more than a tick-the-box-exercise

They’ll never get sued, “That won’t happen to me”

They’ll never have an issue with their clients, another “That won’t happen to me”

It’s too expensive: “I’ll take care of it later, when cash flow is better”

Setting up marketing strategies and win new clients are their number 1 priority. But the truth is: they can’t be profitable if they bleed money. And they bleed money if they don't have solid legal foundations in place

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But, what they don't realise is that:
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Not having solid legal foundations in place is like NOT having a fully functioning bank account

Not having solid legal foundations can harm your business and your income

You can’t be profitable if you don’t have solid legal foundations in place. BECAUSE. You bleed money, if you don’t have solid legal foundations.

You can leverage your legal set-up as a marketing and brand positioning tool. So you can boost your brand positioning in the market place, and show up with more authority and credibility. So you can show up more powerfully & embody a more powerful presence.

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