What if I told you it can rain money …

What if I told you your business could feel more powerful, structured and alive like it’s never felt before

That’s exactly what happens when you walk into an Akashic Money & Business Quantum Session with me

… like my client who had a session and next day got a job interview and got offered the job on the spot!

Like my client who said “it’s a revelation!” 

It happens over and over and over. 

Every session I deliver is pure Magic. 

It completely changes the trajectory of my clients’ businesses and lives!

 And I still get amazed and blown away. 

Some say I shouldn’t say that because it’s not humble. Maybe it’s not humble. BUT. It’s the truth. 

My sessions are a game changer for you and your business. And that’s a fact!

“Yes. Thank you. It sounds right on!!”

“Yes. I can relate to that. I try to plan too much. Thanks!”

“Which is what I got as guidance too so thanks for confirming!! Thank you!”

“Thank you! I have goosebumps. It feels like the best thing ever.”

My sessions take logic and energy. And amplify everything.

There is nothing like what I do out there

I take the frequency of your business and the energy of you, and expand all of it, while giving you logical steps and tools to take your company and yourself to next level.

I’ll give you a 90 day executable business plan so you can make more money

and I’m able to then shift the frequency of your business in the quantum and in the 3D world

A logical plan along with expanding the frequency 🔥

I’m the ultimate alchemist of quantum, logic and business structures — because that’s the only way to create limitless wealth and freedom

You’ll walk away feeling clear, certain of your next steps. With both healing in the quantum and allowing yourself to shift the frequencies of your business. And. A next level business plan for what’s next.

If you’re ready for more money, a better business and clarity, this is a one stop shop

We start with channeling your primary soul blueprint energy marker from your Akashic Records. 

And then I go into everything

  • Energy/your energy
  • Money blocks
  • Other blocks
  • Predictions
  • Creating a 90 day business plan
  • Personal life, relationships, love and anything you want. 

And anything else that comes up in your quantum field. Including Personal life, relationships, love and anything you want. 

My gifts are so big and so deep, and I’m truly in awe and so grateful to God for giving me this incredible chance to make an impact in the world and change lives.

“Thank you! I feel this is big for me.”

“Thank you for your beautiful message”

“Thank you very much. Love you”

“Thank you wonderful soul”

£222 for the next 7 session, and then the price will raise to £333

“I love it. Thank you thank you.”

“You got it right, thank you”

“Love it!!. Thank you!!!”

“Yes yes yes!”

I’m Dr. Marina Bruni, your guide — international business lawyer, quantum advisor and intuitive mentor for leaders, healers, light workers, creatives and entrepreneurs looking to create limitless wealth & freedom by alchemising the quantum, logic and business structures.

I’ve been an international business lawyer for more than 25 years, and an intuitive for longer than I can remember — my intuition has always been my secret weapon throughout my life and career. 

I had a very early start of career with the united Nations in New York City, when I was only 21 years old, and still a law school student. After that, I went into the big international and high finance market, where I’ve advised big international firms, multinational corporations and tier one investment banks worldwide (yes, the big names that everybody knows and hears of in the news! And by the way, I said no to a couple of those huge names too!!!).

And now I’m here because I want to make an impact on you and your business. And help you create the dream reality that you’re bursting to bring into life.

Are you ready? 

Let’s go!

PS: Did you know that I’m featured as one of the global thought leaders in the movie and in the book How Thoughts Become Things, sequel to the hit movie The Secret, alongside Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. John Demartini and other big names from the Secret’s original cast? And that I’ve shared stage with world class speakers such as Sharon Lechter, Les Brown and Jack Canfield (just to name a few)?

“You can tell you are a true channeller. It was excellent!”

“Keep up the great work . People need to have spirituality in their businesses.”

“Oh wow that made it so clear”

“Thank you so much that literally completely clarified the situation I know what I have to do. Wow”

“I wanna thank you for your time. I’m very blessed to have been on this call with you today. Thank you. You know. I’ve known of you for years and I’ve heard so many great things of you from […] and now I’m starting to get a glimpse myself of how amazing you are. Thank you!”

“I will make decisions that way for the rest of my life you have just given me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned thank you so much”


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