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About Me
Dr, Marina Bruni

I'm Dr. Marina Bruni, JD-founder of Fast-Track Legal™

My mission is to help you protect your business, legally and energetically, so you can make it more profitable and secure.

I'm an International Business Lawyer & Business Advisor with over two decades of experience with international firms, high finance, and large corporations. Because of this high-intensity experience, I know the ins and outs that even small business owners like you need.

Here's how:

  • I've assisted multibillion-dollar companies and advised them on multiple figure deals, so I can help you secure those high-ticket clients you dream of.
  • I know how to set up businesses and companies in multiple jurisdictions, so I can help with yours, regardless of where you are located
  • I've assisted investment companies and asset management companies with billions in you know I can help keep your growing profits secure.

I'm also a Master of the Akashic Records (focusing on Akashic Records for Businesses). I use my intuitive gifts throughout business and life, and have empowered many clients with them too. I'm not your typical lawyer - that's for sure!