Is Your Business Legal Setup Intimidating? Confusing? This Masterclass will make it easier

Business lawyers are expensive....but there is a lot you can do yourself without needing to pay a lawyer from day one. Plus, understanding your own business legal setup keeps you even more protected than if you just passed it off onto a lawyer. Because then you understand it. You know where the strengths and the weaknesses are.

This masterclass is the first step to solid legal foundations.

Legally protect your business today!

This Masterclass Helps you protect and secure your business for Only £29 (70% discount!)

This Masterclass is perfect for you if:
  • You think legal foundations are just contracts, agreements, and a few tick-the-box exercises.

  • You believe a lawsuit could never happen to you

  • You don't think you'll ever have a legal issue with a client

  • You're unsure what to do if a client wants a refund and how to protect the work you've done

  • You think it's more important to build marketing strategies, and to wait until your cash flow is better before any legal foundations
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  • How having solid legal foundations will make you MORE profitable 
  • Why you NEED to protect your business, even if you think a lawsuit is unlikely for you 
  • How to LEVERAGE your legal setup to get better (and higher paying) clients
About Me
Dr, Marina Bruni

I'm Dr. Marina Bruni, JD-founder of Fast-Track Legal™

My mission is to help you protect your business, legally and energetically, so you can make it more profitable and secure.

I'm an International Business Lawyer & Business Advisor with over two decades of experience with international firms, high finance, and large corporations. Because of this high-intensity experience, I know the ins and outs that even small business owners like you need.

Here's how:

  • I've assisted multibillion-dollar companies and advised them on multiple figure I can help you secure those high-ticket clients you dream of.
  • I know how to set up businesses and companies in multiple I can help with yours, regardless of where you are located
  • I've assisted investment companies and asset management companies with billions in you know I can help keep your growing profits secure.

I'm also a Master of the Akashic Records (focusing on Akashic Records for Businesses). I use my intuitive gifts throughout business and life, and have empowered many clients with them too. I'm not your typical lawyer - that's for sure!

Access all this expertise by joining this masterclass