The Power of Choice

Dr Marina Bruni brings innovative and proprietary techniques and strategies to both corporate and private clients who want to shift out of debilitating phobias, indecisiveness, poor health, frustration, confusion, lack of clarity, stress, poor performance, fatigue, burnout and so on…

She trains her corporate and private clients to simultaneously shift from right brain to left brain and from left brain to right brain. Her clients can then think of creative solutions that might not have occurred to them if they were isolating left-brain-logic versus right-brain-creativity.

  • Are you suffocating under the weight of your to-do list?
  • Is your schedule an uninterrupted express train from Monday to Monday heading for a crash… and you can’t see any gaps with no time freedom?
  • Do you feel like a zombie going from day to day just because. And whilst you “can’t wait for today to be over” you wake up the next day and it’s the Same. Damn. Thing
  • Over and over and … you’re just … exhausted. Done. Like a dead battery.

Breathe. Let’s disrupt what’s not working.
Let’s disrupt that pattern and wake up that zombie. Now